Get wild about conservation, and together we can make a difference.

Only through the generous donations of caring people like you can Panther Ridge continue to care for its residents. Each of our magnificent cats have special dietary needs to keep them healthy and vibrant. In addition to feeding, your donation will go toward medications, enclosure maintenance, and even toys for the big cats. Unlike small cats, big cats require big toys to keep them active.

Use the links on the right to make a quick donation, or you can even name your own donation amount. Your donation is tax deductible.
For more information on Panther Ridge, visit our web site at or join us on Facebook.

Consider donations as a Memorial or in Honor of someone you cherish and admire: Learn More.

Ever wonder how far your donation goes?

  • $25
    feeds a cougar for 3 days.
  • $25
    buys bedding for a small enclosure for 3 weeks.
  • $35
    feeds an ocelot for a week.
  • $50
    feeds a leopard for 6 days.
  • $50
    buys a heavy duty toy for a big cat.
  • $50
    feeds a clouded leopard for a week.
  • $100
    re-mulches one enclosure for three weeks.
  • $100
    keeps the jaguar pool running for one month.
  • $100
    buys a 4 months supply of assorted multi-vitamins.
  • $100
    provides food, supplements and medications for all the cats for one day.
  • $250
    provides enrichment toys for several cats, food, supplements and medications for all the cats for one day. Also provides, enclosure and pool maintenance.

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